Fermented foods changed my life
and they will change yours.


Recent studies show that there is a scientific link between the state of your gut and various health issues such as; depression, weight gain, bloating, anxiety and inflammation. These health issues, in combination with the toxins we put in our body (processed foods, chlorinated water, etc…), cause stress and in turn can destroy the good bacteria in your gut.


Strengthen Your
Immune System

By getting probiotics on a consistent basis, you'll create a system that makes it hard for undesirable bacteria to be in.


Hormone Balance and Weight Loss

Studies have shown that with simply the right gut bacteria you'll lose weight and maintain proper balance of hormones.


Improve your
mental health

The gut is considered the 'second brain', which can cause and be used to treat issues like depression and anxiety.


On a mission to create a movement around the importance of making and eating fermented foods.

Introduced fermented foods into my diet and experienced the benefits first hand; brighter skin, flatter tummy, and a stronger immune system. I also noticed I was happier and I was finally sleeping better. 

I want to thank you for introducing me to fermented foods. My symptoms related to my seasonal allergies have almost completely gone. No more hives when I ingest whey protein or yoghurt. Awesome!!!!
— Mike Falcon

Let's talk!

If you are dealing with these health issues, don’t get discouraged — I’m here to help! I know how to keep your good bacteria flourishing, I'll be reminding you to eat more probiotic rich foods, manage your stress and how important it is to love yourself up. I’ll even teach you how to ferment your own food, because I believe in fermenting today and feeling great tomorrow!

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