Nourishment Tip #1: Water

How to upgrade your water

Nourishment, according to Webster’s definition, is “food and other things that are needed for health, growth etc.” This is the first of a number of nourishment tips. Doing just one thing a week to nourish yourself shouldn't feel too overwhelming.

Upgrade Your Water

This week's tip, to put into practice, is WATER! I love water - all kinds of water. We all know that we should drink plenty of water, but it turns out you can “upgrade” your water and get more bang for your buck if you follow a few simple guidelines:

Drink a big glass of room temperature water first thing in the morning, with (or without) half of an organic lemon.

After that I have a cup of green tea (great for weight loss and many other things). Following that I have another cup of room temperature water with a 1/4 lemon, and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, you can work up to the tablespoon. It’s a great way to balance your gut, which has a ripple effect into your life. For you coffee drinkers out there...after your water nourishment, you can have your regular morning coffee!

I always have a water bottle with me, it’s kind of like an IV drip for the day. I’ll add all sorts of things from cucumber slices, mint leaves, orange slices, berries and lemon. This summer I made an elixir of cinnamon sticks, cucumber and mint, and sipped on it all day long. Adding 100% organic cranberry juice (great for kidney support and lymph system flushing), a splash of coconut water (for extra electrolytes), and a slice of lemon is refreshing and healing. I like to tune in to my body and ask myself “what does my body need today?” Then you have this drink full of nourishment and love.

That’s the thing about food and water made with’s so much better for you!

Thanks to Heidi Symonds who provided the inspiration and content for this article.