My Secret Sauce

A Lazy Susan can make meals so much more interesting

Yes, it's a Lazy Susan! Whoever dreamed up the Lazy Susan was a genius. “Susan” has made our family dinners so much more pleasant and peaceful for all of us.  Here’s how she has changed our lives:

  • no fighting over condiments, everyone uses one then puts it back for others
  • everyone knows where the ketchup will be sitting (no more reaching over plates!)
  • kids get to choose which condiment they like which gives them control over how their food tastes (GREAT for picky eaters!)
  • less “upping and downing" from the usual multiple requests from the kids
  • you can make the dinner as simple as you like, knowing that condiments will season everyone’s taste!
  • A Lazy Susan can be as fun or artsy or functional as you like - try looking at Etsy for inspiration.