Nourishment Tip #2: Quiet Time

I need quiet time, we all need quiet time. I love my 20 minute “meditations” where I get to focus on my breath, calm my “monkey mind” and go inside. Learning to do this has been transformational for me in terms of clarity, focus and all around well-being.

All it takes is 20 minutes

Here’s how to make it super easy for yourself:

  • Find a comfortable spot. That could be your favourite chair or place in your house (I have a beautiful Indonesian chair that I love to sit on, but my bed works great as well).
  • Sit tall. Put a cushion behind your back if you need it, and place your hands on your knees or in Namaste (hands in prayer position) at your heart centre. 
  • Breathe. Breathing from the diaphram has become a very important part of my yoga practise and in the yoga classes I teach. We take breathing for granted, but it’s an essential part of our body’s growth and well-being. I like to do a 5-5-7 breath - breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and exhale for 7 seconds. Keep your attention on the breath as you sit and meditate.
  • Journal. I like to have a journal next to me as I come out of my meditation so that I can spend 5-10 minutes exploring and getting any insights or thoughts down on paper. Thoughts come and go so quickly and a journal is a great way to remember them. You may just find that the moments after your meditation will be some of your most creative ones! 

I hope you try this week’s tip and remember - information is best accompanied by action.