What is going on with the North American diet?

"The American diet causes disease. It is composed of 25% animal products, 62% processed foods and only 5% of calories from fruits and vegetables." ~ Joel Fuhrman, M.D

Our stomach is designed to stretch, it actually reads what we put into it by using stretch receptors. The stretch receptors are supposed to keep us from overeating, so why are we overeating? I believe it is because the foods we eat are so deficient in nutrients. The GMO foods and the processed foods are tricking our stomach stretch receptors into eating more and more. It's hard to feel satiated when the foods we eat are void of fiber and nutrients. Nature does not make mistakes - when we consume clean, whole foods that are loaded with nutrients and fibre ( I won't go into the bio and mechanical reasons here, but if you are interested just ask) our stretch receptors will receive the information that we are satisfied and full. A great reason to choose clean, whole foods over processed foods don't you think!

 We consume to many calories and chemicals when we eat foods that are out of their natural state (processed foods are not natural). Eating a meal that consists of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and vegetables from a garden not a box is the way to go. Fill up on veggies and your stomachs stretch receptors will do their job perfectly, you won't over eat, you'll increase your energy, you'll be in a good mood and you will probably want to go for a walk after a meal instead of a nap! 

It's simple- if it doesn't grow in nature, don't eat it. Read labels and if you do not recognize the ingredients don't buy it. How you spend your money influences the products the grocery stores stock their shelves with. You got this!