4 Ways to Add Ferments to Your Diet

To experience the benefits of fermentation it’s best to incorporate them into your diet at least once a day. (Although, twice a day is better!) As someone who’s healed through these probiotic-rich foods, I add them to almost every meal. But please don’t feel overwhelmed. Small changes yield big results over time. 

So let’s take it slow…

If you’re new to fermentation, make or buy a few small batches of various ferments. There are great brands of sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi and cultured vegetables available at the health-food store and some grocery stores. You’ll find them in the refrigerator section—not on the shelf. 

Taste a small amount and see how you react to it. If the reaction isn’t good, there’s no need to force it. Simply move on to the next. When you find one you like, start by consuming just a few tablespoons. Gradually increase this amount to a ¼ or ½ cup. 

Ideally, you’ll discover at least 3 varieties you’re happy to eat daily. The more variety, the more benefits. Then the fun begins! I love finding delicious and unique ways to consume my favorite ferments. Consistency is important so experiment until you discover what tastes and feels best for you. 

4 Ways to Add Ferments to Your Diet

  1. Eat As Is: I like to top a raw salad with cultured veggies or simply take a few forkfuls straight from the jar. Ferments are naturally robust and flavorful; you can enjoy them before or alongside a meal. 
  2. Find a Recipe: Many recipes call for ferments. Bookmark the ones that look most appetizing to you or pin them on Pinterest. To get you started, check out this Macro Bowl with Turmeric-Tahini Dressing. YUM! 
  3. Cook Them Up: Take a recipe you already love to make, like a healthy soup, and top it with a serving of fermented vegetables. Add the ferment at the very end, so you don’t kill the good bacteria. It takes 20 minutes at 140-160° F (60-71° C) to kill bacteria during pasteurization. 
  4. Drink It: Try a ¼ cup of kvass with the juice of ½ a lemon first thing in the morning. Or, blend up my morning smoothie: ½ cup of milk kefir, handful of blueberries and a serving of fermented protein powder (I recommend Sun Warrior or Genuine Health)