My Fermentation Menu

Last week I shared 4 ways to add ferments to your diet. These tips are based on my personal experiences after years of research and experiments. Adding fermented foods to each meal is what has worked for me and what I recommend (over time) for my clients. Today, I’m taking it a step further by sharing a personal full-day fermentation menu! 

I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Instead, I hope that by giving you a glimpse into my routine, you’ll be inspired to try it for yourself—and savor the amazing benefits. If you’re new to fermentation, a ¼ cup at a single meal is plenty for starters. If you’ve been fermenting for a few months or longer, challenge yourself to consume them throughout the day. Use my menu as a guide if you feel stuck. 

Please remember that healthy eating isn’t an all or nothing situation. At each meal you have the opportunity to start over. So even if you down a bowl of Fruit Loops for breakfast, the whole day isn’t a wash. Simply try again at lunch. Just getting one nutrient-dense, ferment-rich dish or snack into your diet is a big step in the right direction. Your body will thank you! 

My Fermentation Menu

Pre-Breakfast: I start my day with a ¼ cup of kvass with ½ a lemon squeezed into it or a ¼ cup of coconut kefir. 
Benefit: This helps to cleanse your system after a night’s rest. It also gets your digestive system revved up for the day!

Breakfast: I enjoy a smoothie or sprouted sourdough toast topped with an egg and either kimchi or sauerkraut. 
Benefit: In the morning, it’s best to fill your body with probiotics and protein for lasting energy.

Lunch: I often eat cultured veggies wrapped in seaweed or a chickpea curry bowl with sauerkraut mixed in.  
Benefit: Ferments help combat the stress you may have accumulated by the afternoon. Try to take a break and eat lunch with mindfulness to power the rest of the day. 

Snack: Opt for fermented nut cheese or veggies and pesto to put a little pep back in your step.  
Benefit: Healthy snacks are a great way to give your body a boost, especially around that 3 o’clock lull. Forget about coffee and go for ferments!

Dinner: There are so many options but my go-to is a deliciously baked piece of fish with a salad and side of cultured veggies. 
Benefit: Light meals are gentle on your stomach and are advised if you eat dinner after 6pm. 

Do you have your own fermentation menu or question about mine? Email me or share your thoughts the comments below!