The Gut Girl Travel Essentials

I love to travel! I’ve been on the go since I left the Bahamas at 6 months old. This month, I’m off to Dallas and Napa. Even though I’ll be away from home, I won’t be away from my ferments. In fact, I think it’s extra important to travel with supplements and ferments to keep your immune system strong. 

Flying disrupts the gut flora, so my pre-departure routine consists of Beet Kvass with lemon for a boost of vitamin C and Coconut Kefir to promote the production of healthy bacteria. Since you can’t bring liquids on a plane, I enjoy a few extra doses before and after my trips. If I can make some on location, I sure do!

Hydration is also key. I strive to stay hydrated throughout my travels, so I don’t go anywhere without a water bottle. If you can’t bring your water bottle on a flight, stock up after you get through security and as soon as you land.

As for packing—a bathing suit, sunglasses and my fermentation accessories are a must…

Travel Essentials

  • Grapefruit Extract: I put a drop into my water everyday for protection against unfamiliar parasites.

  • Mother Dirt AO+ MIST & Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever: Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs whatever we put on it. Unnatural products can disrupt the balance of our hormones, so I follow this regimen to keep the bacteria on my skin happy and hydrated.

How do I load this into my suitcase? Easy! I measure out what I need and pop it into Ziploc bags or containers. You can also search for natural health-food stores at your destination, so you can pick up items when you arrive. While it might a little tricky to find ferments in Dallas, I will be enjoying a variety of ferments in Napa. It’s not the best choice, but wine is a ferment… and I like to live a little!

What are your healthy travel essentials? Email me or leave a comment below.