The Gut Girl Travel Essentials

I love to travel! I’ve been on the go since I left the Bahamas at 6 months old. This month, I’m off to Dallas and Napa. Even though I’ll be away from home, I won’t be away from my ferments. In fact, I think it’s extra important to travel with supplements and ferments to keep your immune system strong. 

Flying disrupts the gut flora, so my pre-departure routine consists of Beet Kvass with lemon for a boost of vitamin C and Coconut Kefir to promote the production of healthy bacteria. Since you can’t bring liquids on a plane, I enjoy a few extra doses before and after my trips. If I can make some on location, I sure do!

Hydration is also key. I strive to stay hydrated throughout my travels, so I don’t go anywhere without a water bottle. If you can’t bring your water bottle on a flight, stock up after you get through security and as soon as you land.

As for packing—a bathing suit, sunglasses and my fermentation accessories are a must…

Travel Essentials

  • Grapefruit Extract: I put a drop into my water everyday for protection against unfamiliar parasites.

  • Mother Dirt AO+ MIST & Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever: Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs whatever we put on it. Unnatural products can disrupt the balance of our hormones, so I follow this regimen to keep the bacteria on my skin happy and hydrated.

How do I load this into my suitcase? Easy! I measure out what I need and pop it into Ziploc bags or containers. You can also search for natural health-food stores at your destination, so you can pick up items when you arrive. While it might a little tricky to find ferments in Dallas, I will be enjoying a variety of ferments in Napa. It’s not the best choice, but wine is a ferment… and I like to live a little!

What are your healthy travel essentials? Email me or leave a comment below.  

The Science of Self-Care

Bottom line: If you don’t mindfully give yourself Permission to prioritize time for your own self-care, no one else will.
— Michelle Segar, Ph.D.

Mothers have a hard time taking care of themselves. I know this, because I’m a mom of 3. I love to nurture and care for others, but it’s hard to turn that attention inwards. Sometimes, it even feels wrong. But over the years, I’ve learned that it’s important to make self-care a priority each and every day. 

At first, this may feel like a struggle. How could you possibly fit one more thing into your already busy schedule? The key lies in finding your why. 

When we make “weight loss” or “getting healthy” the reason for eating better or exercising, research has shown that 75% of us fail. No wonder the business of health and weight loss is a billion dollar industry! These reasons are not an effective way of motivating change. 
So what does work? With Mother’s Day approaching, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my little secret with you: MOFA (or Motivating Factor).

Your MOFA helps you uncover the right why or reason to get motivated and stay motivated. When you’re motivated, you see green smoothies and a jog as a gift, not a chore. And what’s better than a daily gift? 

As Dr. Michelle Segar tells us: “human beings, it turns out, are hardwired to choose immediate gratification over long-term benefits”. Therefore, having the right mindset is critical. 
Here’s how finding your MOFA works: 

“Why do you want to exercise?”
“Because I want to lose weight.”
“Why do you want to lose weight?”
“Because I will look better and feel better.”
“Why is looking better and feeling better important to you?”
“I would have more energy and I could fit into my jeans again.”
“And what would more energy and fitting into your jeans do for you?”
“I would feel joyful and confident. And I’d have the energy to be the mom I want to be.” 

In this instance, exercise leads to joy, confidence and a more meaningful relationship with family. That’s the MOFA! 

If you’re curious about what a self-care routine looks like, below is a snapshot of my morning habits. I’m motivated to do this every day from 5-11am, because I get instant gratification from it.

My Self-Care Routine:

  • Rise at 5am. Pray, meditate and do my morning gratitudes.
  • Read or listen to a favourite motivational or nutritional book for 20 minutes.  
  • Practice five Sun Salutations.
  • Have my decaffeinated bulletproof coffee with my husband. 
  • Prepare a ferment-rich breakfast.
  • Research and write. 
  • Meet a friend for a work out.

Your Turn:

  • Carve 30-minutes to an hour out of your schedule to find your MOFA. 
  • Select 1 or 2 self-care steps that would bring you closer to your greater intention. 
  • Maintain a self-care practice for a week and see how you feel. 
  • If you get stuck along the way, email me. I would love to help you find your MOFA. 

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Follow Your Gut

Have you ever been deeply concerned about a decision? You work it over in your brain, separating the pros from the cons. Then suddenly, you throw the T-chart in the trash because you know exactly what you want to do. When asked to explain how you made your choice, all you can say is that you had a “gut feeling”. It’s that sensation you experience when your intuition speaks to you and tells you exactly what to do. 

But how do answers manifest in the gut? It may surprise you, but your gut is home to around 100 million neurons—and has been dubbed the second brain. In fact, there are a number of studies that prove the gut microbiome directly influences the brain, including emotions and perceptions.

Our community of good bacteria communicates with the brain and can help balance mood disorders, like depression. It can also increase levels of GABA, a chemical in the brain that controls anxiety. Maintaining and increasing the good bacteria in our bodies can improve our mental health and well being, making us happier and healthier. 

One way to support this natural process is by consuming cultured foods.

Cultured Foods:

  • Enhance your memory
  • Cleanse the body of waste
  • Balance your internal chemistry
  • Attack toxins
  • Create alkalinity

Developing an intimate understanding of the mind-body connection and introducing fermented foods into your diet can help you heal, make heart-centered decisions and navigate your beautiful life. 

Follow Your Gut Workshop: 

Join me on April 9 & 10 for the “Follow Your Gut” weekend workshop! Inspired by The Desire Map, this 2-day event features Goal Setting with Soul, a Fermentation Lesson and a Guided Yoga + Mediation Practise. 

Click here for details and to sign up.