Morning Pages: Feed Your Soul

If you’ve been following me (or my blog) for a while, you may have heard me use the word “primary food.” As much as I focus on filling my body with healthy, balanced meals, these are “secondary foods.” Primary food is the way in which you feed your soul. Self-care is hugely important to me, and healthy rituals that keep your mind happy are just as important as eating fresh vegetables and probiotics.

One of my favorite self-care routines is Morning Pages. As soon as you wake up in the morning, write down anything that comes to mind. Start with what your dreams focused on, and then move on to what you’re grateful for. Finally, fill a few pages with anything you like—just try not to overthink it.

This is a fulfilling way to get rid of any lingering frustrations, and realize what negative thoughts you’ve been holding on to and need to let go of. I’m always surprised at what comes to mind first thing in the morning. Letting go of those extra thoughts gives me a fresh perspective and leaves me focused on my goals and positive feelings.

Opening up your creativity and lightening your stress before you start your day can work wonders for your health and overall happiness. We don’t always realize it, but built-up tension can take a toll on our bodies, and it can be hard to fix that with ferments alone. Starting off on the right foot allows me to be the best version of myself, free from lingering worries.

Other great self-care routines to try are meditation, yoga, or even just taking 30 minutes of your day to do whatever brings you joy.

I would love to hear what your favorite “primary food” is, or how you liked trying Morning Pages. As always, you can email me or comment below!