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11 Keto Diet Benefits That May Surprise You!

It’s impossible to stick to something if you’re not experiencing any results. Imagine going to the gym for a year and still not feeling any better or stronger. You might get discouraged. It’s the same with diets. I’ve been sharing my experiences with the Keto Diet (Introduction and Starting: Days 1-10), because for me, it really works. Of course, everyone’s body is different. But if it’s right for you, the Keto Diet benefits will change your life. 

Unlike most diets that only boast weight loss, this diet can help you alleviate a multitude of symptoms. For example, the joint pain I felt on a daily basis is 100% better. I’m so in tune with my body that I respond to fullness, and thus, prevent overeating. I’ve also been able to balance my hormones, which helps me feel calmer and happier. And the list goes on. In fact, the list is so extensive that it may surprise you! 

Amazing Keto Diet Benefits

  1. Freedom to go long periods of time without getting hungry
  2. Confidence to nourish your body with quality fats
  3. Ability to manage blood-sugar irregularities
  4. A deeper appreciation for simple, healthy foods
  5. Fewer cravings for sugar…actually, no cravings for sugar!
  6. A feeling of satiation and fullness after meals 
  7. The freedom to skip a meal when necessary
  8. Relief from joint pain
  9. Stabilized hormones
  10. Mindful weight loss (minus the deprivation)
  11. Boost in cognitive function for the win!

Impressive, right?

In addition to the diet, I also take supplements to support my body. If you begin the diet, you may want to consider adding these to your routine. (Note: Do consult with a doctor if you have any serious medical conditions before taking supplements.) 

My Supplement Regime 

  • Multi-vitamin: 1 daily 
  • Bifidobacteria: 2 capsules daily with a gut shot of sauerkraut juice or kvass juice 
  • Vitamin K2: 100-200 mcg daily along with Vitamin D3: about 5,000 IU daily
  • Zinc: 50 mg daily
  • Potassium: 99 mg twice daily
  • L-Glutamine: 3 grams (3,000 GM) 3 times daily
  • Digestive Enzymes: 1 capsule before each meal
  • Aloe Vera: 1-3 capsules daily
  • Zinlori 75: 1 capsule daily 
  • Magnesium: 800 mg before bed
  • If you have thyroid issues, you can include thyroid-healing vitamins

Let’s talk: Are you feeling inspired? Or are you struggling to start a new diet and stay accountable? If you’re interested in losing weight or feeling better, contact me to schedule your FREE Breakthrough Phone Session. 

Plus, check back for a special Keto Recipe!