Eatology - Cleanse and be Fabulous
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Eatology - Cleanse and be Fabulous


Cleanse and be Fabulous!

Doing a cleanse/detox should not be tedious, it should be good, clean, fun. You are healing your body, mind & spirit and creating wellness & vitality. Celebrate it! That’s where we come in…

Welcome to the Eatology Pod, your super fun, super dialed, online cleanse tribe. Over 7 days, we work together via email, and private Facebook group, to share recipes, questions, solutions and successes with each other. The Fit&Fab Cleanse will help you clear toxic load from the body so you can lose weight, balance hormones, seal your gut, etc. and just plain get happy. Your coaches, Shannon & Marlies are here to guide you through the program every step of the way. Consider this your own private online cleanse club. You will have membership for life in our Eatology pod, plus access to recipes, hints, hacks, affirmations, yoga poses, and so much more JUST by signing up for one 7-Day cleanse.  So let’s cleanse together and be Fit & Fab!

xx Your coaches

Shannon & Marlies, holistic nutritionists & cleanse experts. 

Sign up now! 7-Days to get Fit&Fab!

How it Works

First, you receive the Fit&Fab Detox Box in the mail with 7-Days of tinctures/pills, as well as some surprise awesome gifts from us. J In the Detox Box you will also get a shopping list for groceries (think lots of fresh produce). Get your groceries, then we start on a Monday.

7 Days, 7 Pillars, 7 Points, all to teach you how to be your most vibrant self. Each day you receive an email with instructions:

  1. Theme of the day, 1st Pillar: set your intention & program yourself for health.
  2. Food focus for the day: recipes and how-to.
  3. Learning portion: why we cleanse, how it works, each day we build your knowledge.
  4. Morning meditation, or evening: no one is watching, do it when you can
  5. Yoga Pose of the day as well as suggested exercise: master one pose each day.
  6. Affirmation/Mantra of the day: yes go say it in the mirror and repeat it all day long.
  7. Me Time, we give you ideas: find something fun to do just for you.

TOTAL: 7 points/day if you do all of the above. Earn 49 to graduate cleanse academy honors!

For all of these goodies and more, you have to sign up ahead of time (by June 10)! Commit to your health now! Your guides/nutrition gurus will be there every step of the way. 

Cost is $97 (value $200+). This is a smoking deal! 

Start date: June 18, 2017

Max 30 people. Space is limited

Note: If you don’t sign up in time for the upcoming cleanse, you can still join us, but we won’t have time to send your Detox Box! No biggy, purchase your own cleansing herbs/pills (we will give you a short list). Contact us directly for details. The cost of the online cleanse with no Detox Box is $50.

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